The Syrian intervention is widely admired.

Russia's presence in Syria is still maintained today. It looks like modern interventions have to be sustained indefinitely. That means "all out" can't be the right choice. "All out" is a good response to an intensive, short duration threat. It's not the right choice against long term attrition.

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Allowing ones opponents internal contradictions to mature may indeed look like procrastination.

Sober patient prudential waiting earns no plaudits. Allowing the internal subversive faction to panic and declare itself, (and get gone to parts distant) somehow generates criticism.

The home base is fed , sheltered, working, and coming to see that this is for all the marbles.

The nation grows stronger the longer Pres. Putin

"procrastinates". This wont be over in a month.

If a foreigner can see this and rejoice, why cant you

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Most of my life, I have been plagued by simple minds that see life as simple and without complexity. They pepper their conversations with "Stands to reason, din'it" and "I can't see why we just don't do it". I also note a correlation between those who achieve and perform, and those who coast through life basically eating and sleeping; and it is the latter who are blind to complexity.

What I have noticed about Putin is he will never be pushed into intemperate action and this has paid off so many times, such as applying neutrality to Ergogan, and then alerting him to the US attempt to launch a coup inTurkey. This was a massive loss to America and a triumph for Russia. This seriously alrered the balance of power in the world and was one of the pebbles that launched the current avalanche destroying America.

I have found Putin's performance to be admirable but I no longer regard him as a factor in the global fight for freedom because of his support for the mRNA jab mandate. To me. Putin is now one of many enemies of mankind.

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What I would like to know is why they want to kill 95% of the world's population and make the rest into RC human robots.

Are they really that insane or we are dealing with non-human entities?

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Putin works for the global cabal pushing the Covid clot shots to depopulate the planet, and to install a neo-fascist global tyranny over the survivors - just the same as almost every government on Earth.

He only mobilized because his globalist masters feared that if he didn't make that gesture, patriotic Russians might finally start to realize that he and his entire government are working for the other side.

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Russia is not a Soviet superpower. It is a middle-ranking industrial power, with implacable enemies that are far stronger. America can afford to invade country after country, leaving wreckage and devastation behind their inevitable (But very profitable for the .1%) failures.

One such disaster, in the preceeding 20 years, and Russia would have been destroyed, dismembered, and likely prepared for genocide a la Ukie Nazis and their Western enablers.

Yes, Putin is careful. All this bears down on him, and he is not a careless person.

At NO STAGE did he ever want this war. He can no more win against NATO than the UK alone could, although Russia has a better chance.

He pushed Minsk I & II. He toured western capitals begging for an end to the slaughter in Donbass. And, eventually, sadly, he realised that leaving Ukraine in the hands of US Nazis would mean biological warfare against Russian populations. One single crop spraying drone over the border later... and the US already used biological weapons in Korea. (A good case can be argued for Covid-19, and other 'strange' events previously too).

He did not want this war. This war is a disaster for Russia. At best, it would have been a lightning strike to remove the US-backed Ukrainian traitors and patsies. An actual war is another matter entirely, and had Putin ordered a general mobilisation, the POSSIBILITY of that lightning strike would have been removed.

America couped Ukraine, and made it a poisoned carrot, and then ensured that Russian leadership - WHOEVER it was - had no choice except to invade.

China says smugly "The future won't go to those who claim "They have no choice"".

They'll be smug on the other side of their face once they realise what Taiwan is being turned into.

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I think your analysis is absolutely spot on. Many have characterized Putin as extremely cautious and careful. I think there is some truth in that and I think those traits can be useful in certain contexts. It may for example have been useful in the difficult decade after the disastrous 1990s helping the country to recover and start rebuilding. But there are contexts in which excessive caution can be very bad and turn into timidity and vacillation, and that seems to have been increasingly the case in the past decade. Once Russia had recovered by about 2008 Putin and the leadership simply sat and did nothing instead of taking serious steps to diversity the economy, to shift its reserves out of dollars into gold held in Russia, to protect it from the economic war that was certainly going to come. Ukraine in 2014 was simply a disaster for Russia, because decisive intervention to support a legitimate democratically elected president (no matter that he was a corrupt scumbag) would very likely have been successful. Yes, sanctions would have followed but they did anyway, and would have been much more limited than now, and given the Russian economy a better chance to diversify and protect itself. The current intervention has been a total disaster precisely because of Putin's timidity, hesitation, and penchant for doing as little as possible as long as possible. In a war excessive caution can be the most disastrous thing one can possibly do and this has been the case here. Even now the partial mobilization is a half measure and far, far too little. With the professional army who should be there to do the retraining and provide the crucial officers and NCOs now stuck in Ukraine or absent (having not renewed their 6 month contrasts in disgust) throwing 300 000 men with little preparation or training and lacking experienced officers and NCOs, and probably quite poorly equipped, against what the Ukraine now has - a well trained, very well equipped, well lead and experienced army of at least 400 000 men with high morale and victories behind them and all the support NATO can give - is a recipe for a further and much bigger disaster than what has unfolded recently. How is it that Putin has not yet got it into his head that this is not an "anti-terrorist operation", it's a fucking war, and a bloody big one. It was of course in February. When one starts something like that you can't just do half and quarter measures - in war, and this was war from February (not a bloody special military operation) its all or nothing. You have to use all the force at your command and act swiftly and decisively not fiddle around with quarter measures and sit on your butt doing nothing. The stakes for Russia today are very high, and failure will mean far more than just losing Ukraine and Crimea. Believe me, the empire and NATO won't show any mercy, they will surely destroy Russia and properly this time. Stalin may have been a murderous psychopathic bastard but I'm afraid that's probably what they need now if they are to save themselves.

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Hi John. There's much I agree within your post. But one thing I saw last year makes me wonder about whether it's really accurate that "Russia had an advantage in 2014". Have you seen the Jimmy Dore clip where McCain is recorded talking directly to Azov? And what he says? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H0rCqaGtJw (McCain at around 23:50)

The US had long PLANNED for the US coup - and therefore any possible Russian retaliation to restore democracy in Kiev. The Russian military were not the slightest prepared for a confrontation, and nor was Russian Intelligence. The Russian military was already stretched by tight budgets, Syria, modernisation, R&D, vast borders, and nonstop attacks by Western agencies not least but not limited to, cyber-security. To suddenly lead a military invasion of Ukraine was unthinkable.

This is likely yet another psyop claim originating in Western corporate media. They LOVE creating and spreading disinfo fantasies like this that confuse people as to situation on many levels.

This one implies that the USA was "surprised" at events in Kiev, which a quick-witted Kremlin could have taken advantage of.

It has every hallmark of a typical Western media psyop. Lies built upon known-false assumptions.

The US has been intending this all along. If you get the time, please try to watch the Dore video.

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His goal has always been peace and prosperity with Europe. He is a reluctant war lord always hoping the other side will consider Russia's legitimate security concerns and ethnic minorities in eastern Ukraine. He also knows escalation expands wars increasing the likelyhood of massive European conflict and ultimately nuclear devastation.

In his defense, he did try to quickly topple Ukraine but was unwilling to use "awe and wonder" as it would ruin all hope of friendship with Ukraine, and possibly Europe.

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“Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil.”

- Niccolo Machiavelli

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Going back to 2014, I see there are at least plausible arguments for and against Putin’s actions re Ukraine – but only until after the abandonment of the drive to Kiev. Once that acknowledgment of military reality was forced on him, he has no excuse for not immediately moving to bring in the necessary forces to take and hold the territory he wants. The months between then and the recent mobilization order were pure waste at great cost, probably reverberating for generations as A-E says – utterly indefensible.

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It is really very simple, Putin is Schwab's buddy.

Everything that is going on right now is a part of a plan for a Great Reset.

That's it - they already told you in advance all of this, and people still don't get it, refuse to hear it, or don't care.

That ladies and gentlemen will be very costly in the near future!

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